President's Speech

The golden city Lanzhou, is famous all over the world for its talented people, fabulous environment and the Yellow River culture. The University Hospital of Gansu Traditional Chinese Medicine locates in Chengguan district of this city and is popular for its characteristics. In the era of global economic integration, our hopital has made good use of the opportunity, and become one of the outstanding achievements in Gansu medical field.

    Relying on the talents advantage of our hospital and Gansu College of TCM, we constantly strive to be stronger and characteristic. Serving the society, we are standing out of the hospitals in the country with unexampled “modernization, digitalization, characteristic and humanity”. Holding the service tenet of “Human-oriented” and service doctrine of “Patient-oriented”, the hospital emancipates the mind, reforms and creates, constructs the special subjects and trains the talented, in order to improve the medical level and service quality, and enlarge the social and economic benefits. We are working very hard for the ceaseless improvement of medical quality and simultaneous advances of medical activity, teaching and scientific research. Meanwhile, we’re communicating and cooperating with many medical organizations home and abroad, which is accelerating the improvement of the Chinese medicine enterprise and the local economy.
    All people respect and admire the noble-minded, even though we’re not able to reach the hight, we're able to try our best. There is no best, only better. Our hospital will continue with the pursuing of perfection and predomination, and take every difficulty and challenge as a new opportunity. Together, let’s expect a more resplendent and gorgeous tommorrow of University Hospital of Gansu Traditional Chinese Medicine!