Work Spirit
    Seeking truth and pragmatism, exploration and innovation, highlighting characteristics, solidarity and endeavoring.
Hospital Developing Direction
    Highlighting characteristics, emphasizing both Chinese and Western medicine, “medical, teaching and research” developing together.
Developing Tenet
    Constructing hospital wth quality, enforcing hospital wth scientific technology, prospering hospital with the talented.
Service Tenet
Service Doctrine
Construction Aim
    There are special departments in the hospital, there are predominent diseases in the departments, and all the staff are talented.
Developing Aim
    Achieving first-class management, techniques, service and environment, and becoming the dependable and popular Chinese Medicine Hospital in peoples’ heart.
Developing principle
    Developing ahead, developing scientifically, developing harmoniously, developing persistently.
Management Tenet
    Human-oriented, managing subtly, emphasizing performance, always ameliorating.
Quality Tenet
    Every thing serves for the medical activities, and always stick to the criterions; Human-oriented, and give the servicese sincerely; taking safety as precondition, and avoid hidden troubles by preventing; setting leading ahead as the aim, and innovate new techniques of high quality.
Employing Tenet
    Respecting knowledge; making the employees try their best; competing fairly; inspiring effectively.
Behavior Doctrine
    Respect; honest; communication; cooperation.
Clerical Work Service Tenet
    Place ministration ahead all responsibilits, and serve the public with dedication;
    Be united, disciplined, ordered, effective, uncorrupted and honest to pursue mutual wins.
Medical Work Service Tenet
    Be voluntary in the clinics, be warm and considering to the patients;
    Manipulate carfully with masterly techniques,  take good care of the equipments and uncorrupted.
Logistics Work Service Tenet
    Respect and love the job, and serve for the clinic; be voluntary and passionate to pursue satisfaction;
    Keep the environment beautiful and the facilities nice, practice economy for the hospital.
Brand Construction Aim
    Warm outpatient department: construct “honest, convenient, comfortable and satisfactory” outpatient department;
    Warm inpatient department: construct “safe, quiet, exquisite and comfortable” inpatient department;
    Warm service station: construct “warmly caring, on time receiving and accurately guiding” service station.
Brand Service Mode
    Before medical activity—warm consultation with guides for health;
    During medical activity—warm treatment with companion for health;
    After medical activity—warm follow-up with guardianship for health.